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Lay-flat hose winder

The Vegcraft lay-flat hose winder is an excellent way to lay out and reel in ether 4" or 5" lay-flat hose. As with all Vegcraft machines the lay-flat winder is built to a high standard, its tough construction ensuring it will stand up to the rigours of a farm environment.

The reel can have either 4, 5 or 6 sections each with a capacity of 200 metres of hose.

The galvanized frame has retracting legs to prevent damage to standing crop, while still allowing fast and easy dismounting of the machine.

The reel is operated from a fold-down platform at the side of the machine. Its powerful hydraulic motor and has both forward and reverse speed control.

Safety features include the sides of the reel covered in aluminum plate and the operators platform has a guard. There are also emergency stop switches on both sides at the rear, which can also be used as isolation switches when the operator is working at the rear of the machine.

When the operator platform is folded in, the winder has a road transport width of just 2.5 metres. It also has stop/tail lghts with indicators making it is easy to transport on the back of a tractor.

For a quote, or to ask about a non-standard hose reel contact us.

We also supply Oroflex-20 lay-flat hose and fittings, either with a machine or seperately.