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ProFill Sprayer Filling Range

2020 Update

Are you spending too long filling your sprayer?

Spending the last hour of your day washing containers?

ProFill can speed up your sprayer filling and clean all your containers to recycling standard without slowing the operator down

New Features

  • Sealing lid to make cleaning even easier
  • Wash bar cleans all four sides
  • New spray function aimed directly down the hopper outlet
  • Level marker bolted for easier cleaning and long life

Standard features across the range

  • Stainless steel hopper
  • High pressure pump for thick liquids and powders
  • Multiple nozzles for container cleaning
  • Galvanised frame
  • Wash-down gun for easy cleaning

We make two main models of the ProFill system for yard use to suit different spraying operations and budgets

Some spraying operations like to have a load (or several for fruit spraying) pre-mixed and ready for application

We can supply full pre-mix systems or advise how to fit a ProFill into an existing system

If you fill from multiple sites, contact us for an integrated bowser and ProFill system.

Video shows ProFill unit in use, inducting powders and liquids. The video is shot in real time to show how quickly the unit fills a sprayer.

Before the video starts, the operator spends around two minutes pumping water into the sprayer while setting out his chemicals. He then adds the 60kg of Solubor. In just three minutes it is all inducted. He then adds thirteen litres of Metazachlor and 1750ml of Centium. In just another three minutes the chemicals are all inducted, the containers fully washed and drying, and the unit has been washed down.

With two minutes of pre-filling, and six minutes of inducting, the tank now has around 1700l of mix in it. The remaining 1500l could be filled by the ProFill alone in another 7 minutes. Instead, the operator activated a secondary pump (optional, or use the sprayer's own suction pump) to boost the fill rate to around 700lpm.

One tank of chemical mixed, and all the containers ready for recyling, in just ten minutes.

Further specifications and options can be found here.

Sprayer bowser version now available for new build bowsers, retro-fitting in our workshop or as a self-fit kit.

Please contact us for a quote or to discuss any specific requirements for your farming operation.