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Vegcraft Bowser Gallery

All of the bowsers here have been made to customer specification to meet the requirements of their farming operation.

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See the Sprayer bowser page for more details or contact us.

Tri-axle bowser with 10,000L fresh water and 5,000L mix tank

5,000L mix tank with 750L clean water tank

Twin 5,000L design with mix tank and clean tank

Demount 4,000L with ProFill unit

5,000L bowser on 500/60r 22.5 floatation wheels

8,000L mix tank with 750L clean water tank

Twin 6,000L tanks with 3 inch pipework for mixing or liquid fertiliser

Custom rear cabinet with ProFill and space for two pallets of chemical

9,000L bowser with extending drawbar for towing behind sprayer

5,000L demount bowser system

Example hatch access ladder and dry sight gauge

Twin 3,000L bowser with custom ProFill

20ft Induction station with container lockdown points for arctic trailer

1000lpm pacer with multi-function valves for maximum flexibility

Standard rear cabinet with ProFill, optional flow meter fitted

4,000L mixer bowser with clean water tank

8,000L bowser with extending drawbar for use behind mounted sprayer

Example pumps and pipework with high-pressure induction pump and rapid transfer pacer pump